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"It is about knowing how to catch people's attention and drawing them in. That is how I want my creations to affect my customers." 

Cedric Amani, a designer florist with the touch of Parisian vibe, will elevate your hotel decorations.


In past years, it's been privileged for us to associate our floral design creation with major luxury brand hotels and institutions from around the world. It was an amazing experience so far to continue showcasing the best of our floral design throughout their establishment for a greater experience of their hotel guest. From various big space flower design to small intimate flower arrangement, there is nothing is impossible for our floral design service.

Cedric Amani

Call us now at 058 940 1545


An exclusive brigade of professionals florist that lead and supervised by Cedric Amani himself, will be assigned and based in each of the hotels not only attend to your hotel floral service requirement but also maintaining the exclusive ambiance of your hotel.


Our scope service not only exclusively managing hotel floral decorations, it is extended to different services such as wedding reception, private function/event decoration, and a florist class.


To know more about us, please click below gallery album that showcased our floral design. 



Our Previous Projects

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